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I am so glad that you are visiting this website!  If you are a Christian woman who is considering the ministry of teaching children in Sunday School, or you are an experienced Sunday School teacher who needs some encouragement, welcome!  Even mothers who are teaching and nurturing their own children with God’s Word at home can benefit from the resources you will find here.

As a free gift just for visiting this website, I would like to give you a beautifully formatted copy of James chapter 3 that you can print and carry with you to read or memorize, with plenty of space to take notes as you study this practical and challenging chapter from the Bible.  Plus, check out my Bible Verse Art featuring some of the verses from our study.

Click HERE for your free copy of James 3!

It has been a great blessing for me to teach Sunday School to 4-year-old children each week for over a decade, but I also consider it a huge responsibility because I am handling God’s holy Word, the Bible, and sharing truth with precious human souls.  James 3 has personally challenged me to take teaching Sunday School more seriously, plus I have found great encouragement to excel still more from this passage of Scripture.  Do you need help focusing on your ministry to children?  Do you need some encouragement to keep teaching with excellence?

That’s why I wrote the 30-Day Bible Study of James 3 which examines God’s warning and considers His encouragement to teachers.  Since James writes to teachers and church leaders, then we Sunday School teachers can read and apply this message, too.  So in the same way that we prepare to teach our Bible stories each week like diligent Bereans, let’s study James 3 together so that our hearts and mouths will be ready to glorify God and bless our students and their families.

KH_cartoon class

To work through this Bible study, you could print out each lesson, but I recommend reading the lesson from your electronic device, then writing out your favorite Bible verses, answering the application questions and taking personal notes in your own journal.  Each lesson takes about 15-30 minutes.  Be sure to use the handy links provided to several helpful online Bible study tools, including and

When you follow this blog, I will send the lessons right to your e-mail each summer, three per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for ten weeks.  Our Bible study for Summer 2018 will begin on June 1, so please sign up to follow this blog to receive the lessons by e-mail.

Thank you for visiting.  And remember, please accept this free copy of James 3 ready for reading, studying and memorizing!


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